• Individual program of preparation for IVF
  • IVF programs with advanced capabilities of using the most modern and effective embryological techniques that increase the success of pregnancy
  • TIME-LAPSE monitoring (non-invasive digital monitoring of embryonic development using EmbryoScope or PrimoVision)
  • СATI (Cognitive Automation of Time-lapse Images) is an automatic analysis and assessment of the embryonic development from digital monitoring images
  • PICSI (sperm selection method based on hyaluronic acid test during ICSI)
  • MACS (sperm selection method using the MACS Annexin V System to identify spermatozoa with pathological morphology)
  • LAZT (laser hatching of the embryo shell before transfer into uterine cavity)
  • EmbryoGen (embryo culture medium that reduces the risk of pregnancy loss)
  • ASET (asynchronous transfer of 2 embryos)
  • LAISS (laser-assisted immotile sperm selection, recommended in MESE / TESE IVF cycles)
  • Optifert (method of oocyte maturation in a laboratory environment and determining the optimal time for fertilization)
  • Embryo Vitrification (method of rapid freezing of embryos with minimal risk of damage)
  • Oocyte freezing (freezing and storage of eggs, used in programs for fertility preservation)
  • PGS (pre-implantation genetic screening of embryos)
  • PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of embryos)
  • ERA-test (test for identifying the endometrial receptivity)

Arranging medical treatment

The personal assistant of Dr. Natalya Savelyeva, director of Vita-ons.r.o., an official partner of the PragueFertilityCentre clinic, organizes individual IVF programs in Prague. Doctor’s assistant, Oleg Zaitsev, conducts preliminary informing of patients, prepares documents and organizes a doctor’s consultation (in the clinic or on-line).

Oleg Zaitsev

Doctor's assistant

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Arranging medical treatment

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