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Individual programs of IVF in Prague include

Possible options of individual IVF programs in Prague

  • Assistance in organizing the trip (invitation from the clinic to get a visa, registration of health insurance, recommendations for choosing accommodation in Prague during the treatment).
  • Preparation of the necessary documents with translation into Czech, organization of remote on-line and Skype-consultations with the doctor on the results of the information provided.
  • Remote initiation of treatment (hormone therapy, stimulation of superovulation) under the conditions available on an individual basis.
  • Patient management personally by Dr. Natalya Savelyeva from the beginning to the end of treatment, providing recommendations in Russian.
  • The possibility of organizing a remote support by the doctor during pregnancy before the period of 10-15 weeks.
  • A detailed analysis of the unsuccessful outcome of treatment with providing recommendations for a further action plan to achieve a positive result.
  • Meeting at the airport (if desired), accompaniment at the clinic during the main visits related to treatment (initial consultation, day of follicular puncture, day of embryo transfer), as well as during additional consultations with the doctor (if desired).
  • Information support and advice on all issues in the course of the treatment.
  • IVF program with own oocytes (Bronze, Silver, Gold) / partner sperm
  • IVF program with own oocytes (Bronze, Silver, Gold) / donor sperm
  • Combined IVF program (own oocytes + donor oocytes) / partner or donor sperm
  • IVF program with donor oocytes / partner or donor sperm
  • IVF program with own oocytes + MESA / TESE
  • IVF donor embryo program
  • IVF program with own oocytes PGS / PGD
  • IVF program / Cryoprotocol
The cost of treatment on an individual IVF program in Prague
  • The cost of treatment depends on the selected program, taking into account the clinical situation. It does not include the cost of medicines, as well as travel, medical insurance and accommodation.
  • The cost of a preliminary consultation with a doctor is 150 euros (the cost will be taken into account upon further payment of the selected program).
  • The cost of an individual IVF program with own oocytes – from 3,600 euros;
  • The cost of an individual IVF program with donor oocytes – from 5,600 euros.

The exact calculation of the cost of treatment will be made after the application for treatment and filling out the questionnaire on our website.

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